Where the IKEA concept comes to life

Where the
IKEA Concept
comes to life

The IKEA Concept lives and grows. It comes to life in more than 420 IKEA stores around the world, where people touch and try, play and dream. It comes to life in the IKEA catalogue on each page.

It comes to life on phones and computers.
Most importantly, the IKEA Concept comes to life in the homes of millions of people around the world who experience beautiful solutions at incredibly low prices.


Creating homes to love

Simply put, IKEA home furnishing is beautiful, functional and affordable. IKEA stores use the IKEA product range to create solutions that are relevant and affordable to consumers in their local market.

These solutions contribute to how people live. And more importantly, to how they want to live. It is all about creating beautiful homes to love. Homes that make everyday life a little better.


Touch. Try.
Explore. Dream!

The IKEA store is our meeting place. It is where the IKEA product range comes to life. Visitors can compare styles and prices and get inspired by realistic room settings. They are welcome to sit, lie down, open and close drawers and cabinets, pretend to cook, sleep or watch TV.

The IKEA store is designed to meet many people looking for something for their homes. It’s also a place where you actually can go from inspiration to involvement by getting inspiration from solutions in the store, searching, finding and choosing the products needed, picking them up, buying them, bringing them home, putting them together and enjoying them the same day.

You do your part.
We do our part.
Together we
save money.

Low prices

All the IKEA products in the store are supported by price and product information that makes it easy for visitors to serve themselves. Customer involvement contributes to low prices.


An invitation for
the whole year

With hundreds of pages of ideas, inspiration, solutions and products, the IKEA catalogue shows how the IKEA product range contributes to a better everyday life. It is filled with solutions that answer people’s dreams and needs. Still, it shows only part of what is offered in IKEA stores.

The IKEA catalogue was first distributed to consumers in 1951. Today, more than 60 years later, it is distributed free of charge to more than 200 million households around the world. Today’s IKEA catalogue is complemented with digital content that gives users a richer experience of the solutions and provides more in-depth home furnishing knowledge.

Find the latest IKEA catalogue edition here.


A world of inspiration
and interaction

Another place to explore the IKEA product range is the website, where you can get all the information and inspiration you want. You can also see what is available at your local IKEA store.