What we offer to IKEA retailers

What we offer
to IKEA retailers

It could be a good idea. A proven retailing solution. A better way of working. A best practice. It is all IKEA know-how and we work to make it available and accessible to all IKEA retailers under the franchise agreement.

At the same time, IKEA retailers share their experiences, knowledge, innovation and ideas. This helps the IKEA Concept to be a living and dynamic concept that continuously develops, flourishes and expands. The key is working together.


IKEA know-how
We provide manuals and guidelines for all parts of the IKEA business. We also offer retailers an online resource that includes solutions, news, training programmes and much more. This includes educational films as well as films about the IKEA history and evolution, culture and values and much more.

Training programmes
We offer a range of training programmes for many aspects of the business. Trainings take place locally, online or in the IKEA Learning Centres in Delft (the Netherlands), Älmhult (Sweden) or in Shanghai (China).

Store design and establishment services
We offer varying degrees of support when establishing new IKEA stores or major rebuilds of existing stores. This support can include management tools, consulting, achitecture/design services and more.

IKEA culture center
In 2010 IKEA Tillsammans (belonging to the Inter IKEA Systems B.V.), opened in Älmhult, Sweden. The aim is to maintain and transfer knowledge about IKEA values and the IKEA culture to IKEA co-workers.

IKEA Museum
On 30 June 2016, we opened the IKEA Museum in Älmhult which offers IKEA co-workers and the general public the chance to discover and be part of the IKEA story in a whole new way! The exhibition, covering an area of 3,500 m2, takes visitors on a fascinating journey – from the deep roots of IKEA to tomorrow’s way of living.

“What is good for our
customers is also, in the
long run, good for us.”

Market research

We conduct regular market research and provide IKEA retailers with reports and tools that help them improve their business. For example, we measure how well IKEA retailers have positioned the IKEA Brand in each market and how satisfied customers are with their latest store visit. We also conduct research that helps find ways to improve the IKEA product range, the IKEA catalogue and the IKEA website. And we gather and analyse insight into macro-economic factors and the competitive situation.


Media production

The IKEA catalogue
We produce the annual IKEA catalogue for all IKEA retailers. See the latest edition here.
We procure and sell the IKEA catalogue and other marketing communication to IKEA retailers.