Providing a pattern for success

Providing a
pattern for

Our job is to ensure long-term success. We are here to keep the IKEA Concept successful over time in an ever-changing world.

We do that by offering proven methods and solutions to IKEA retailers worldwide and by enabling the long-term fulfilment of the IKEA business idea.


Expand the IKEA
business by franchising

To create a better everyday life for the many people we need to make IKEA products available to more and more people around the world. The franchising business model lets us expand the business of new and existing IKEA retailers, develop franchise operations in new regions and reach more of the many people. Read more about franchising the IKEA way here.

​Staying relevant.
Staying ahead

Improve and develop the IKEA Concept

The IKEA Concept is a living concept. We develop and improve it together with IKEA retailers and other contributors. Together we work to stay in the forefront of global trends and changes in retailing. We listen to the needs of IKEA retailers based on real-life shop floor experience. And we work to get better insight into what the many people need in order to improve their life at home. All this helps us to ensure that the IKEA Concept remains
successful in a dynamic world.

Inter IKEA Systems business units are focused on the following key areas:

Concept development
We continuously develop the IKEA Concept and ensure that the foundation of the IKEA Concept is always relevant, available and known. This team of individuals develops the IKEA Concept for customer participation, convenience and accessibility.

We ensure the successful implementation and protection of the IKEA Concept in existing and new markets.

We inspire and enable IKEA people to make well-founded decisions based on relevant and actionable business and consumer knowledge.

Learning and development
We work to strengthen the IKEA culture and enable IKEA people to develop their competence to meet customer and business needs.