How to become an IKEA franchisee

How to become an IKEA

We only grant rights to become a franchisee in markets where rights have not already been given. Please find a list of countries with IKEA retail operations here.

Inter IKEA Systems B.V. is constantly evaluating new countries and is following a long-term strategic expansion plan, which sets our priorities of future growth, where to put focus and when.

Entry to a new country is made after thorough market studies and franchisees are carefully evaluated prior to selection.

When selecting franchisees, Inter IKEA Systems B.V., among other things, evaluates the following:

  • experience
  • local market knowledge and presence (able to demonstrate ability to establish and operate IKEA stores nationally)
  • corporate culture and values
  • financial strength and ability to carry through the investment penetrating a country in full and in a large-scale retail environment format

If you are interested in applying, please present yourself in writing, keeping in mind all of the points above. Thank you for showing interest in the IKEA Concept.

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