Help us protect the IKEA Trademarks

One of our tasks, as the worldwide IKEA franchisor, is to protect the IKEA trademarks and other parts of the IKEA Concept.

Occasionally, the IKEA trademarks are used without permission. There have been cases of others using the IKEA trademarks or IKEA domain names for activities such as fake IKEA websites, fraudulent schemes and similar. Sometimes others use IKEA copyright pictures without our permission, sell fake IKEA products and even set up fake IKEA stores. We feel that it is very important that our consumers are not misled, but can trust that all products having the IKEA trademark are genuine products.

In the best of consumers interest, we therefore ask for your help to report wrongful use of the IKEA trademarks or similar marks. We cannot give you any reward or compensation other than a big thank you for helping us to protect the IKEA trademarks and to prevent fraud and misrepresentation.

Please send an email to this address to let us know what you have seen. If you are able to provide images or links that is very valuable!

Report infringement