Blue and Yellow

Blue and

You probably recognise
the most important visual
elements of the IKEA
Concept: the IKEA logo
and the IKEA wordmark.


Evolution of the IKEA logo

The IKEA logo has changed little throughout the years. The design of the 1967 logo remains a consistent symbol of the IKEA business. The blue and yellow logo was first used in 1977 and since 1983 focus has been on this version of the IKEA logo. Today, it is one of the world’s strongest brands.




Help us protect
the IKEA trademarks

From being stamped on IKEA products to appearing in IKEA communication, the IKEA logo is an instantly recognisable symbol of the IKEA Concept. However, companies or individuals not associated with us sometimes try to take advantage of the goodwill associated with the IKEA trademarks. And this is where we could use your help. If you see the IKEA logo or IKEA trademark used in a way that you believe might not be associated with a real IKEA company,
please take a moment to let us know.