A home for the IKEA concept


We believe in learning by doing. We operate the IKEA Concept Center in Delft, the Netherlands, where shopping, learning, testing and supporting all come together.

The idea is to give IKEA retailers the chance to learn about the IKEA Concept and its recent updates and benefit from all the competence of specialists in a hands-on environment.

”The floor is where we learn still today, be it in the store or in the factory.”

Ingvar Kamprad
IKEA founder



For most visitors, the main attraction of the IKEA Concept Center is the IKEA store. Like all IKEA stores in the world it offers inspiring solutions, low prices, tasty food and shopping that is fun and enjoyable.

IKEA Delft also offers online shopping, putting the IKEA offer at people’s fingertips 24 hours a day.




The IKEA Concept Center is also home to specialists who, in co-operation with the IKEA retailers, find and identify good ideas and solutions. New solutions are developed, documented and analysed from a conceptual viewpoint.

We provide systematic transfer of IKEA know-how. And communicate proven solutions to all IKEA retailers, so that each and every one can benefit from these in their business. Together, we work to keep the IKEA Concept successful.


Just as all IKEA products are tested to ensure quality and to find ways to improve, we are always interested in improving the living IKEA Concept. We test lots of new and innovative ideas at the IKEA Concept Center. These could be ideas suggested by IKEA retailers or ones that we come up with ourselves. When we find solutions that work well we make the part of the IKEA Concept and document and describe them so that all IKEA retailers benefit.


IKEA Delft

The IKEA Concept Center includes IKEA Delft, a fully functional IKEA store that welcomes 3,2 million visitors annually and employs 830 co-workers. IKEA Delft opened in 1992 and is more than 30,000 m2. Learn more about IKEA Delft here.​..